Sunday, February 7, 2010

(my online portfolio is up now
besides the fact that Ive been sick all weekend. It hasnt been too bad.
Yesterday I embroidered my felt ouches i think im going to start selling on etsy and i also watched Shaun of the Dead. Simon Pegg is great. I think I liked Run Fat Boy Run though better.
This morning has been lovely. The sun is out it looks gorgeous outside...maybe ill get out there despite my cold. I made a banana upside down breakfast cake!
Its pretty mild, but tasty. I used this recipe here:
The changes I made though was I used flax for the egg sub(and soymilk with vinegar for the buttermilk) and I [think-wasnt really measuring] I cut the sugar down quite a bit. And used whole wheat flour and no earth balance just canola oil. I did all this because I dont think dessert is breakfast so I wanted it to be moderately "healthy".

I made a Nickel Creek station a while back that I like alot. One group that plays[cause i let it :)] are the Wallin Jennys. I myspace'd them and they're playing in AG soon. I hope I can go!!

me my brother, and the current SMSBR group.

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