Sunday, May 9, 2010

Crafty Prom

I made a vow this year not to buy any new clothes, so for for my prom (that was last night) I picked a pink vintage dress.
I didnt take a before photo (boo) but I doodled over the new version of the dress to show somewhat what it looked like before I took off the lace top and cut the bottom. I also had to add the straps.

I also made my date's boutonnière out of felt, some of the lace from my dress, silk leaves, and 3 fake pearls I ripped off the tops of some pins.

And he made mine!
So cool. The roses are made of duck tape!

Also, If you didnt notice, instead of opting to pay someone for a haircut or styling, I simply had my older brother shave my hair off.

I suppose that is it for now! There will be more craftyness to come. I guess may is just a very DIY month for me. And I am ok with that :)


  1. ai yi! you are like a style goddess! \m/
    who was your date? nice and crafty, whoever he is!

  2. aw thanks :]
    justin meddings was my date.