Sunday, May 17, 2009

num nums

today i woke up ridiculously late. ridiculously late.
but when i did wake uyp i decided to have a smoothie :) yay.
so i threw some carrots, fresh strawberries, frozen blueberries, frozen mangos, one banana, some flax and a bit of soymilk in the blender.
i also decided to have some naturespath acai apple granola in soymilk just cause its tasty.
because we had driven around and saw coldstones[i miss] earlier today and last night i kept reading rave reviews about scoops in LA, and i can have neither at the moment, i opted for a wannabe banana split sundae before i headed off to church. on my vanilla soy delicous i had a banana, some chocolate chips, and about a teaspoon of TJ's organic strawberry jam. yum :)
at church tonight i was telling my youth group that next weekend i was going down to LA to have a birthday BBQ with my brother and his GF. they thought it was funny that i was going down there for BBQ since the city i live in is famous for BBQ. then i said that we are all vegetarians so it didnt really matter. they thought that was pretty funnny. haha i then told they technically I myself was vegan. they were surprised and actually seemed somewhat impressed. lol
pretty nice to have that off my back cause i kinda dread telling people that....

when my mom picked me and my lil bro up from church, she just laughed. [she pretty much never cooks] so i asked if we could have panera since i found out there were a few vegan items on the menu. i ended up having the black bean soup w the french bread. wish the whole wheat was completely vegan cause that would be much healthier! also the black bean soup was pretty good, but it seems so easy, i could just make it at home for probably a few bucks cheaper.

anways see ya!

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