Saturday, May 16, 2009


time for a major update.
well lets see heres a lame photo of something i made back on the second of may[wowww] to use up leftovers[first photo]
basically ive had a few jumbo pasta shells in my pantry for FOREVERRR that i hadnt had a use for them. then i also had some fresh spinich that was gonna go bad that i wanted to use. i also had some leftover cheezy sauce after making veganyumyum's mac and cheeze a few days before[which was quite tasty!] i also had some eggplant that my mom had bought. i used it the night before for some ratatouille but since i had only made it for me i didnt use the whole thing. i ended up cooking the eggplant and spinich then adding that to the cheezy sauce. i stuffed the shells with that and then topped with some marinara sauce. it was soooo good. im definetely thinking i could change that up slightly and make it not just to use up leftovers in the future!

so this past few weeks i havent really cooked much. the week befor elast i was sick for a day or two. i made some yummy yummy miso soup though packed with veggies.
earlier this week i made fatfreevegan's easy spinich mushroom lasagna[which was great] other than that ive been eating alot of leftovers and what not.

tonight i wanted some tofu while it was still fresh[i had opened it up and used half of it for the lasagna]
so i put some seseame oil in a pan with onions, garlic, mushrooms[leftover from the lasagna] carrots, and edamame. i also had some aspagus. i pan fried some tofu that i had marinated in some chinese chicken salad dressing too. thers a picture for that as well.[second photo]

in other news.....
ive been trying to green up a bit. i bought some toms natural toothpaste at my last visit to target instead of colgate. i also bought ecotools makeup brushes because mine were falling apart. these ecotools ones are "earth friendly" and theyre much cheaper and softer and durable than the ones i was using. [sorry bareminerals]
i know theres a ton of things i need to change but its a start!
i really want to see if i can make some homemade soap or something of the matter as well!
which also reminds me ive been realllyyy wanting to start an herb garden! hopefully soon!
ill update on that. :)

one more thing!
i want to start eating raw from anywhere like once a week, to once a month!

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