Friday, April 24, 2009

hey there

so i realized just posting every darn vegan thing i eat is kinda dumb. so im just gonna post something if i really have somehting to say about it. or if i didnt use someone elses recipe..
like tonight. when i was in santa barbara a week ago we stopped at the cost plus world market and picked up a few things...i bought this indian sauce, jalfreezi. ok im totally completely new to indian cuisine im trying to learn more about all kinds of foods. so i thought i kinda give indian a try tonight. what i ended up doing was baking some tofu in the oven with the jalfreezi and i also added some chickpeas to that. then i made some whole wheat couscous and i put a bit of lemon in there[which i didnt taste much of in the result] and peas, and cinnamon. so both thing i made were pretty good, but i dont think they really went together. got any advice on indian cuisine, like what flavors go well together, heck ill take advice for any type of food.
so much to learn....
theres a crappy pic down there! :D
oh by the way i made vegan dads creamy
zuccini soup last night and it was gooddd :)

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