Sunday, April 19, 2009

oh hai blog!
almost didnt post.
i dont have pictures...been to lazy
but basically i got back from LA yesterday.
i tried to be vegan most of the week, and when i was with dakota it was super easy because she rocks, [and i even got down to 130 lbs!!] but i slipped up a few times....once with bad.
anyways on saturday i got sick to my stomach for like an hour maybe. it was so so so SO terrible. i was so scared i had a food borne disease or something. [those e-coli videos from foods class are really scary]. but i survived and vowed to be vegan from here on out and really really try to eat healthier. i dont knwo what it was that made me feel so bad but i ended up throwing away the hummus i made sat today :( i think i used an old lemon, so yeah. or maybe old pie. I DONT KNOW! but i feel like crap for having to toss so much.
today though i made some yummy pumkin chocolate chip muffins. everyone really liked them[i was the only vegan] here
and i also made a spinich tofu frittata here
ok byyyeee

ps....anyone wanna buy me veganomicon?

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