Friday, April 10, 2009

yum! apple pie!

many moons ago i printed out veganyumyum's mini apple pie recipe.
actually it was months ago. maybe in the summer, cant quite remember exactly. anyways that was when i found her blog[how, i dont remember] i wasnt vegan but i loved it and for some reason i just began following her blog. when i happened to have all the ingrediants for something i thought it was so fun to make something vegan! haha plus ive been drinking soymilk for quite sometime.
so now i finally decided to use the recipe. this was my first time making pie let alone vegan pie and id say it came out pretty good. my mother and grandma[not vegans] had some too. my gma said the bottom of the pie crust could have been crispier [i agreed] and she said if i would have used a glass pan[i used one of those foil things, i totally forgot about our pan] if would have done the trick. i think i could have also cooked it just a few minutes longer too. next time i suppose!
also, instead of making mini pies i made one regular sized pie!
before the top crust
with the top crust and brushed with soymilk
baked and eaten!

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  1. That looks rather tasty.. I, personally, cannot wait to bake a vegan pie! I've wanted to for some time now, but I am lazy, alas.