Wednesday, April 8, 2009

oh man

so i gotta catchup and i have like 2 minutes to do so. i promis ill add more like i was supposed to do a week ago tomorrow!
anyways i have messed up a few times since tring out this vegan thing but ive also been cooking alot of stuff! and today i picked up some nutritional yeast, and tahini so that should come in handy!
ok a week or two ago i made yummy chocolaste chip cookies from">here. as i said they were yummmyyy. but a little on the fluffy side i think..but still. delicious and super easy.

also on friday i tried out this cake recipe for caramelized sugar spice cake which was all around awesome except im pretty sur ei burned the sugar make it all taste...well kinda burnt :( but the texture was awesome and i made my own frosting of powdered sugar, vegn margarine, and possibly[cant remember]soymilk and a chai tea latet base and oh myyy goodness it was amazing. didnt get pictures though.
and today i made a tofu loaf from here
and brussels sprouts[i used veganyumyum superfantastic brussels sprouts recipe]


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