Friday, June 19, 2009

interesting thought:

"Another, less optimistic resolution of the "I was blind, now I see" fallacy: I was once blind about certain things, and could see others. Now I can see things to which I was once blind, and if I have become blind to things which once I saw, my new blindnesses hinder me from noticing." [link to author]
ive thought about this very idea. i have to say i like the way the writer states this and i agree!
the thing i wonder though is how do we stop this? how do we really "see" everything?
all i can think of is just by having a relationshop with God and trusting him. following the bible and ultimately just trying to do and think to the best of my ability what is right. like racism, i guess people thought it was the norm and ok to hate people because of race but now we look back and say "i was blind but now i see". well my solution for that would be the part in the bible where it says love your neighbor.
any thoughts?

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