Thursday, June 4, 2009


well well.
ive been thinking about soy alot lately.
organic, GM, processed, etc, etc
i think i wanna start cutting sown on it which really shouldnt be to hard except for.....
soy milk.
i like the stuff, i really do.

while soy when you look at the nutrition lable seems very "healthy" theres so much talk going around about the negatives aspects of it.
i was really hoping if it was organic, then the problems would disappear but that doesnt seem to be the case. lol [though you really should aim for that es[ecially in soy]
i found this to be kinda interesting and i read like two other articles on the same topic tonight.

im happy that tofukey's in the 4 bean catagory cause ijust bought some for calzones im making tomorrow.

anyways, im gonna try and limit my soy intake and hopefully wean myself off soymilk. im not sur eitll be entirely possible though because i tried some vanilla almond milk and i didnt really like it :( it was almost gag worthy to me....and i had high hopes for it. maybe ill like plain better? [i like vanilla soymilk so i thought...]

also ive been trying to eat more leafy greens. and i really wanna eat more RAW!
but this'll all take time. i dont want to get super burnedout and discouraged.

oh and i didnt take any photos but, today i made the Mediterean Olive bread from my "Joy of Vegan Baking" and i made some roasted rosemary potatoes to go with. also beforehand i had a salad of baby spinich, bell pepper, tomato, carrot, and a spash of balsamic vineger. im really uncreative with salads. its sad.
that reminds me, yesterday for dinner i made this taco salad minus the nacho sauce and i just used red leaf lettuce.

ok thats all!


  1. I cut off all soy a few months ago but haven't been as good about it lately. Tofu is something I almost never buy but I do order when i eat out.

    Have you tried hemp milk or rice milk? What about oat milk?

  2. a serving or two of soy a day really shouldn't be an issue unless you have a soy intolerance. maybe just limit yourself to one serving of soy milk a day and see how that goes.

    Yes, there may be nutritional downfalls about soy, but there are also questions about many foods (for instance, cooked foods losing healthy enzmes, grilled foods- veggies too- having carcinogens, etc) which doesn't mean you have to give up and live off raw spinach and broccoli.

    and don't forget to pat yourself on the back for even beginning this vegan journey! you are already doing wonders for your health, so don't sweat the small stuff :)

  3. paulina:no i havent! i guess ill have to test around to see what i like best. although i just tryed some plain almond milk and i think i liked it better. the other on i tried what supposed to be "low fat vanilla" so i dont know if the low fat ness made it gross? lol

    jane: i def see what your saying and i agree. theres so much to take in! :0
    im also leaning towards cutting out soy to see if it changes anything hormonally in me. my mom thinks that soy has had an affect on me that way, so i guess we'll find out!