Wednesday, June 23, 2010

best. sandwich. ever.

or at least top 10. :D

This is what i did:
Take a bagel of your choice(I used Trader Joe's sprouted wheat bagel, all vegan and natural except the honey, probably wont use again though for that reason) and toast it.
Then spread Vegenaise and mustard on one, or both of the sides.
Add chopped green onions.
Add slivered almonds(you could toast those, probably would bring out the flavor more).
Add very thinly sliced apple.
Add sliced tomato.
Add some Tofurky deli slices! Yum Yum. I used the hickory flavor cause thats what I had and it was delicious.

And viola!! Top ten sandwich, and probably top 5 bagel sandwich ever. SOOOOO tasty.
Sorry theres not a photo. :)

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