Tuesday, June 8, 2010


today i have listened to a lot of lovely music that i haven't listened to in a while! its a little bit over whelming how much great music there is out there! but i'm not sure id have it any other way.
-devendra banhart
-otis redding
-ray lamontagne
-the kinks
-dent may
-rage against the machine
plus a few vampire weekend, sublime, shins, and muse songs.
thats all i can think of, but i think it'd be really cool to track the music i listen to daily.

also, i had a small photoshoot with some friends on friday :)
heres one of the photos taken. kodak 200 film is nice! pretty classic cheap film and all, but i've been using so much 400 film that 200 impresses me with less grain..haha
i know its all been done before, but i had lots of fun trying to get sun flares and ridiculous golden hour light in most of the photos. haha :)

here necklace was so pretty!

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