Tuesday, October 26, 2010

busy busy beeeeee

I feel so incredibly blessed right now.
I am so excited to share this verse and one of the things I have intentionally been dwelling on lately. (Torrey conference was great by the way!)
Firstly, that verse:
"So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the Glory of God." 1 Corinthians 10:31
I always find myself in a good place when I remember my life is about HIM, and that everything I do should not to be to make myself happy, but to glorify God.

And so, despite my long list of things to do tomorrow, I am actually not dreading any of it!
This week is SO busy!
I have my first official mid-term Wednesday (which is not technically tomorrow, ahh!).
Here's my schedule for tomorrow!
1. Wake up, breakfast, etc.
3. Some sort of exercise, probably will be yoga! :)
4. At some point I need to throw some laundry in, and print some things.
5. STUDYY!!!!
6. Lunch :) Probably will be PB&J....sooooo fine with me!
7. An interview for a trip!
8. Buy test materials, drop off a job app.
9. Talk to the photo prof, and my academic advisor.
10. More studying if need be....or work on resizing/preparing photos.
11. Dinner!!!! (Hopefully better than today, my stomach got upset.) :(
12. History Mid-Term Review Session.

And that concludes my schedule!! I once heard BUSY stood for "Being under Satan's yoke". I am certainly not going to allow that! I intended to take any needed breaks, and as shown, I'm going to start of my day with that prayer project!

Ok, I think all these exclamation marks are because its 4 in the AM. Goodnight!

Oh I almost forgot a photo!! This is me almost a year ago (Dec 09 was when it was taken!) by my friend Alli, and cropped/straightened by me.

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