Sunday, November 14, 2010

mm sunday.

1. I think that if I blogged more, in ten years or even five, I would extremely appreciate it.
2. I went to a great church today called Southlands.
3. I picked and ate a prickly pear today with a girl on my floor Steph. So cool! Hehe, and duck tape is meh for holding them. And I slipped on the hill and got mud all over my butt. But sometimes you just have to let it happen. Can't fight it! Oh, but yeah, the prickly pear was good. And so pretty :) (I just realized I shoulda taken a picture...)
4. I read Acts tonight for class in about 2 hours(that doesnt include the breaks :)) and discovered it takes me about 5 minutes a chapter.
5. Beautiful weather, again.

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