Monday, March 30, 2009

vegan chili

ill be back with more about me and becoming vegen tomorrow, but i just wanted to post what i had for dinner today!
i veganized a chili recipe(super easy all i had to do was replace the beef for vegen boca grillers/crumbles) and it was delicious! i had some whole wheat pita bread with it too and it was soo good :)


  1. Just a suggestion, but I prefer dried tofu in my vegan chili. Freeze a block of it, then let it defrost. Once defrosted, squeeze out all the water (as much as you can). The tofu will be crumbly, just like the Boca version. I find it tastes better. What you got there looks very tasty.

  2. thanks! i will definately try that next time :)

  3. Thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog, I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to post soon! The chili certainly good. :)