Monday, November 22, 2010

the future of this blog is in question.
start looking here:

Sunday, November 21, 2010


"I have three things I'd like to say today. First, while you were sleeping last night, 30,000 kids died of starvation or diseases related to malnutrition. Second, most of you don't give a shit. What's worse is that you're more upset with the fact that I said shit than the fact that 30,000 kids died last night."
Tony Campolo

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

omerica wooden plugs...


giveaway here:

Monday, November 15, 2010

this is supposed to be the happy things blog buuttt

i do not like being the person who cant stand certain things. but lo and behold, i will now tell you two things i despise.

1. being with someone when they are picking out and buying a card (people take FOREVER to do this, and they are overpriced, and the time you take to go to the store and pick out a card you really feel is meaningful, you could just make your own lovely card that most people would appreciate more than a store bought one)
2. listening to people eat cereal. for me, this is possibly worse than nails on a chalkboard. just can't be in the same room with someone eating cereal.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

mm sunday.

1. I think that if I blogged more, in ten years or even five, I would extremely appreciate it.
2. I went to a great church today called Southlands.
3. I picked and ate a prickly pear today with a girl on my floor Steph. So cool! Hehe, and duck tape is meh for holding them. And I slipped on the hill and got mud all over my butt. But sometimes you just have to let it happen. Can't fight it! Oh, but yeah, the prickly pear was good. And so pretty :) (I just realized I shoulda taken a picture...)
4. I read Acts tonight for class in about 2 hours(that doesnt include the breaks :)) and discovered it takes me about 5 minutes a chapter.
5. Beautiful weather, again.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

busy busy beeeeee

I feel so incredibly blessed right now.
I am so excited to share this verse and one of the things I have intentionally been dwelling on lately. (Torrey conference was great by the way!)
Firstly, that verse:
"So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the Glory of God." 1 Corinthians 10:31
I always find myself in a good place when I remember my life is about HIM, and that everything I do should not to be to make myself happy, but to glorify God.

And so, despite my long list of things to do tomorrow, I am actually not dreading any of it!
This week is SO busy!
I have my first official mid-term Wednesday (which is not technically tomorrow, ahh!).
Here's my schedule for tomorrow!
1. Wake up, breakfast, etc.
3. Some sort of exercise, probably will be yoga! :)
4. At some point I need to throw some laundry in, and print some things.
5. STUDYY!!!!
6. Lunch :) Probably will be PB&J....sooooo fine with me!
7. An interview for a trip!
8. Buy test materials, drop off a job app.
9. Talk to the photo prof, and my academic advisor.
10. More studying if need be....or work on resizing/preparing photos.
11. Dinner!!!! (Hopefully better than today, my stomach got upset.) :(
12. History Mid-Term Review Session.

And that concludes my schedule!! I once heard BUSY stood for "Being under Satan's yoke". I am certainly not going to allow that! I intended to take any needed breaks, and as shown, I'm going to start of my day with that prayer project!

Ok, I think all these exclamation marks are because its 4 in the AM. Goodnight!

Oh I almost forgot a photo!! This is me almost a year ago (Dec 09 was when it was taken!) by my friend Alli, and cropped/straightened by me.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

hipocracy is a funny, yet sad thing.

this is an intriguing set of photos that i dont entirely understand. never the less, i like it, a lot. mad respect.
actually i just looked at the other sets. those are very interesting too.
that photo i just took with my macbook. literally like a minute ago, maybe less. enjoy.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

1. three days of classlessness(and the 3 day class week)
2. the vegan pizza tonight in the caf
3. nationball tonight, which im not that excited for but im sure will be fun
4. the fact that i HAVE to go to a couple of chapels next week so i can catch up
5. everything is working

old photo of my mom that i like a lot

Friday, September 3, 2010

some good things

i am a happy girl!
1. i have a job interview.
2. im listening to adele.
3. school is great!
4. i can make my own vegan menu for the cafeteria!
5. im organizing a bike ride for saturday. :)

The photo is from lunch one day with Viktoria after a nice hike at an awesome restaurant in SLO called Oasis...super tasty. At that tea in the photo is their famous jasmine tea. It's super sweet but soooo good.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


blogs are sad when they are empty for long periods of time.

anyways, this blog will get just a bit of change and some lovin, come this week, stay tuned, if you exist.

Friday, July 9, 2010

about myself

I took this from an interview of sorts ( and added my answers:


Student, photographer.

Home Base
San Fernando Valley, Santa Maria. None at the moment though.

Favorite Haunts

Retail Standbys
Thrift stores, if that counts.

Momentary Style Obsessions
Soft warm sweaters, and summer dresses.

Converse, i guess. but i really want some Simple Shoes, next pair of shoes i buy will be those( Or handmade earth friendly ones like these:


Sewing machines.

Brush Work

right now...
trevor hall
led zeppelin
ray lamontagne
conor oberst
she & him
always jack johnson
alison krauss
slow club
gregorian chants

Favorite Concert
The Ra Ra Riot show in SLO earlier this year was great.

Repeat Destination
San Fran, The Grand Canyon, Sequoia.

New Destination
Montana(in 2 weeks!), I've always wanted to do New York, Portland(vegan food capitol of the states, if not the world), AND THE WORLD.

Veggies, fruit, grains, nuts/oils, soy products, herbs/spices.

Mmmmmm. Sweet potatoes, plums, peanut butter, nori. :)

Food, in general. That appens, when you're vegan.

Student's Go Vegan Cookbook is surprisingly great.

Golden tofu triangles and tempeh strips :)

Soba are good...they're on my mind because I just bought some!

Oasis, in San Luis Obispo. Follow Your Heart, in Chatsworth.

Birthday Dinner
Depends on my mood...if I had to decide right now, something simple and elegant, made with seasonal foods.

Last Call

Reading Material
I'm trying to actually finish Spent right now.

Writing Material
The repurposed school homework papers journal I just made tonight :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

music n stuff

trevor hall
duck sauce

no sugar added day
macbook sticky notes
coolest old compact digi cam ever.
selling things on ebay.
finding pretty rocks along the central coast
but i would need to get some chia seeds and coconut butter....

i hear this is interesting, looks like it to me:
will watch.

ok, i did watch it. it was interesting, im still a little confused about it, i should have payed more attention, but yes, it was interesting and i do recommend it, whether you will like it or not, i think its worth the watch. that was a lot of commas in one sentence.
heres a lovely macbook photo of me and my friend, looking like who's.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

best. sandwich. ever.

or at least top 10. :D

This is what i did:
Take a bagel of your choice(I used Trader Joe's sprouted wheat bagel, all vegan and natural except the honey, probably wont use again though for that reason) and toast it.
Then spread Vegenaise and mustard on one, or both of the sides.
Add chopped green onions.
Add slivered almonds(you could toast those, probably would bring out the flavor more).
Add very thinly sliced apple.
Add sliced tomato.
Add some Tofurky deli slices! Yum Yum. I used the hickory flavor cause thats what I had and it was delicious.

And viola!! Top ten sandwich, and probably top 5 bagel sandwich ever. SOOOOO tasty.
Sorry theres not a photo. :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


today i have listened to a lot of lovely music that i haven't listened to in a while! its a little bit over whelming how much great music there is out there! but i'm not sure id have it any other way.
-devendra banhart
-otis redding
-ray lamontagne
-the kinks
-dent may
-rage against the machine
plus a few vampire weekend, sublime, shins, and muse songs.
thats all i can think of, but i think it'd be really cool to track the music i listen to daily.

also, i had a small photoshoot with some friends on friday :)
heres one of the photos taken. kodak 200 film is nice! pretty classic cheap film and all, but i've been using so much 400 film that 200 impresses me with less grain..haha
i know its all been done before, but i had lots of fun trying to get sun flares and ridiculous golden hour light in most of the photos. haha :)

here necklace was so pretty!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

date night

i had a date with viktoria last night. haha
she came over, we ate homemade teriyaki sauce with veggies and rice. then we went to the theatre downtown and saw date night. it was pretty good! i loveeee tina fey AND steve carrell :)
then we went searching for a coffee shop but couldnt find a decent one open so we settled for dennys. i got coffee and drank it which wasnt a good idea because i got all jittery. hah :D but it was a fun time!
i had some photos developed recently :)
heres my friend, driving us to prom!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Crafty Prom

I made a vow this year not to buy any new clothes, so for for my prom (that was last night) I picked a pink vintage dress.
I didnt take a before photo (boo) but I doodled over the new version of the dress to show somewhat what it looked like before I took off the lace top and cut the bottom. I also had to add the straps.

I also made my date's boutonnière out of felt, some of the lace from my dress, silk leaves, and 3 fake pearls I ripped off the tops of some pins.

And he made mine!
So cool. The roses are made of duck tape!

Also, If you didnt notice, instead of opting to pay someone for a haircut or styling, I simply had my older brother shave my hair off.

I suppose that is it for now! There will be more craftyness to come. I guess may is just a very DIY month for me. And I am ok with that :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


i decided to google "things". heres some definitions i liked and thought pertained to this blog. btw im really glad im using this blog somewhat regularly.

thing1   [thing] Show IPA

2. some entity, object, or creature that is not or cannot be specifically designated or precisely described
3. anything that is or may become an object of thought: things of the spirit.
4. things, matters; affairs: Things are going well now.
5. a fact, circumstance, or state of affairs: It is a curious thing.
6. an action, deed, event, or performance: to do great things; His death was a horrible thing.
7. a particular, respect, or detail: perfect in all things.
8. aim; objective: The thing is to reach this line with the ball.
10. things,
a. implements, utensils, or other articles for service: I'll wash the breakfast things.
b. personal possessions or belongings: Pack your things and go!
11. a task; chore: I've got a lot of things to do today.
13. a thought or statement: I have just one thing to say to you.
14. Informal. a peculiar attitude or feeling, either positive or negative, toward something; mental quirk
15. something signified or represented, as distinguished from a word, symbol, or idea representing it.

some lovely recent things:
-i planted tomato seeds today, and my cilantro, marjoram, and parsley are coming along nicely
-about to finish my first Barbara Kingsolver novel. i picked up "the bean trees" because it was a smaller one of her's. i like it.
-went to the Getty museum on Saturday with a friend from...SWEDEN!

coming up:
+ film festival, i will be in in one of the movies(!!)
+ prom(more exclamations !!!)
+ may birthdays(including my own(more exclamations because i'm turning adult!!!)
+ graduation(oh my)
+ lots o dance
+ MONTANA for 25 dayzzzzzz

what a year.

oh i almost forgot a photo...
its me almost 3 years ago!!!! it seems SOOO long ago.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

sarah sippin strawberry milkshake on saturday

i just wanted something cold, creamy and banana-less(i LOVE bananas but i use them too much, and the ones i have right now are tooo green)

so i came up with a kinda milkshake, but it doesnt have ice cream!!

heres what i put in it:
1/2 avocado
frozen strawberries(i only had like 3 but if you have more, do it!)
soymilk(~1 cup)
sweetner(as much or as little as you want)
vanilla extract(optional)

and blend!!

it tastes so good! and its so creamy because of the avocado, but you cant even tell its there!!!(you cant even see the green after its blended)
ps sorry for all the food posts lately.....

Friday, April 9, 2010

savory dooughnuts!

yes indeed.
i used this recipe:
then changed it around a bit.
heres how it went:
~2 cups of whole wheat flour
~1/2 cup of sweet potatoes
~1/2 tsp salt
~2 TBSP brown sugar(optional--i found them pretty sweet with it)
~1 1/2 tsps curry powder(more if you wish!!)

1 cup warm soymilk
5 tsps yeast

mix the last two ingredients in a cup
mix the rest of the ingredients in a bowl
add the milk/yeast to bowl
knead a bit
roll out
cut doughnut shapes
fry in 1/2 inch oil

then i made a dipping/brushing sauce out of:
earth balance
crushed garlic

and i ate some of these doughnuts with some carrots and broccolini pan fried with seaseme oil, sriracha, and a dash of soy sauce.

it was all very tasty :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

today is a pretty day.

its my friends birthday today!

and right now im listening to vampire weekend's[one of my all time favorite bands]latest album, contra. i finally bought it last week.
and the wheather looks nice.
and i had leftoveres for breakfast.

yesterday I visited follow your heart for the first time!
tasty tasty food. i had the [vegan] meatball sub. it was really good but i was a little disappointed in the actual meatballs. my brothers girlfriend had the club sandwhich and i tried some of it. its was so freakin tasty! the bacon bits tasted SO real it was a little weird. :0
there I picked up some primal strips! i bought the mesquite lime and hot n spicy. the main ingredient in the hot n spicy one is mushrooms. i tried it and it was very good! the texture was spot on to realy jerky, if not better. you can definitely taste the sugar though. I wish there was more flavor and less sugar. to me it mostly tastes pepper-y. but still very good.

Friday, April 2, 2010

weekend shenanigans

1. ice cream making
2. special cookie making(see # 7)
3. babysitting
4. card making(thank you's, wedding, birthday)
5. traveling(?)
6. new polaroid film :}
(125i for my 101 automatic land camera)
7. SMSBR tonight!!!
8. finish sewing?!

almost finished rushmore(i fell asleep) jason schwartzman is adorable!

its spring break!!

heres an idea:
go to pandora, log in, create new station, type "dent may", enjoy.
or alternatively:

(a photo i took of my friend alli)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

i just watched "the story of stuff".
very inspiring and saddening.
you must watch it wherever you are!!

the bottled water one is really great too.

heres a lovely illustration though i made a while back out of my affection for sriracha[and ketchup too]

ok in other news heres some thing i found surfing other blogs:
these amazing amazing collages that make my heart break because i didnt think of it. haha:

these awesomeee shoes:
i'll pick these instead of toms anyday. SUPPORT!

and finally enter this give-away!
i am.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

(my online portfolio is up now
besides the fact that Ive been sick all weekend. It hasnt been too bad.
Yesterday I embroidered my felt ouches i think im going to start selling on etsy and i also watched Shaun of the Dead. Simon Pegg is great. I think I liked Run Fat Boy Run though better.
This morning has been lovely. The sun is out it looks gorgeous outside...maybe ill get out there despite my cold. I made a banana upside down breakfast cake!
Its pretty mild, but tasty. I used this recipe here:
The changes I made though was I used flax for the egg sub(and soymilk with vinegar for the buttermilk) and I [think-wasnt really measuring] I cut the sugar down quite a bit. And used whole wheat flour and no earth balance just canola oil. I did all this because I dont think dessert is breakfast so I wanted it to be moderately "healthy".

I made a Nickel Creek station a while back that I like alot. One group that plays[cause i let it :)] are the Wallin Jennys. I myspace'd them and they're playing in AG soon. I hope I can go!!

me my brother, and the current SMSBR group.

Monday, January 18, 2010

i want everything from this site!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

VK&A photoshoot film back, vegan snickerdoodles, Santa Maria Social Bike Ride(SMSBR), watching stick hockey at the special olympics, nice weather, riding around town, thrifted dairy free cookbook and abercrombie say its been a good weekend so far :)

this was one of the photos for the vintage store my friends are opening:
i only modeled for this dress(on purpose, i didnt want to model!)