Thursday, April 8, 2010

today is a pretty day.

its my friends birthday today!

and right now im listening to vampire weekend's[one of my all time favorite bands]latest album, contra. i finally bought it last week.
and the wheather looks nice.
and i had leftoveres for breakfast.

yesterday I visited follow your heart for the first time!
tasty tasty food. i had the [vegan] meatball sub. it was really good but i was a little disappointed in the actual meatballs. my brothers girlfriend had the club sandwhich and i tried some of it. its was so freakin tasty! the bacon bits tasted SO real it was a little weird. :0
there I picked up some primal strips! i bought the mesquite lime and hot n spicy. the main ingredient in the hot n spicy one is mushrooms. i tried it and it was very good! the texture was spot on to realy jerky, if not better. you can definitely taste the sugar though. I wish there was more flavor and less sugar. to me it mostly tastes pepper-y. but still very good.

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