Thursday, May 28, 2009

some cool stuff

1. my mom has "fasted" coffee for almost 4 days now. im really proud of her.
but the main reason im happy is cause she bought like 4 different chai teas on the weekend. haha.....chai is my favy :)

2. i got a baking cookbook!!!!!
ive been surviving off recipes from the web, mostly all yall other bloggers but my brother and his gf bought me The Joy Of Vegan Baking! so i mean i cant live off baked goods[haha] but its nice to have a whole book full of legit recipes and cool facts about veganism and baking in general! now my top cookbook i really want right now is probably veganomicon.

ive been somewhat eager to try out happyherbivores Veggie Biscuit Pot Pie recipe for a while now and tonight i did.
the gravy/sauce was pretty bland so i just proceded to throw in tons of seasonings like nutritional yeast, garlic salt, seasoning salt, and i accidently threw in too much cumin and cayenne[my family are wussies...haha jk my original intention was not to make it spicy at all i just wanted something] but i still thought it was good.
my mom really cant handle too spicy so really didnt really eat it. and my brother didnt even TRY it!! i hate that so much >:( i was begging him the whole night but i think that actually amuses him. argg.
but they liked the biscuits. happy herbivore says she uses vegan dads recipe, but saince i have my new cookkbookkkkkk, i used that one but subbed about one cup of flour[it called for 1 2/3] with whole wheat. so now ive got leftovers.
well see what i do with that tomorrow. i wanted to make my own veggie pattys but that will have to wait i guess till i get rid of leftovers. anyways that photo above is it. oh and i added some flax to mine in case you were wondering what that brown stuff floatin around was.

ok now have a nice night!
tomorrow is friday! yay!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

cool contest!

ive been entering contests left and right for some cool giveaways and i found this cool one!

go get yourself entered, or dont and give me a greater chance of winning ;P

Saturday, May 23, 2009


hi nonexistent blog readers.
i thought i do some food blogging.

first off we have some oatmeal i made like a week ago. it was actually steel cut oats to be precise and the reason i remember is because i actually had time to cook em. we really need to buy some rolled oats though cause i dont have time for steel cut on school days :( *3 more weeks, 3 more weeks[sigh]*
in this awesome concoction i think i mashed half a banana and melted it with the oats i might or might not have added sweetner oh and theres a possibility of PB but i really cant remember it would have been a good addition. on the top you see:
-the other half of the banana sliced
-chocolate chips
-that awesome trader joes bran cereal. there little cinnamon roll shapes
-a dollup of vanilla soy yogurt sprinkled with brown sugar

next i had some thing[i dont know WHAT to call it] i made using up some stuff in our fridge.
i mixed some potatoes, spinich, and vegenaise together and i think that was all.
i stuffed that between to eggplant cutlets poured some marinara ontop and added a bit of teese

i think it was two nights ago i had at my second attempt to make......
all right the last time it was really really tough and chewy
so i was like i need to knead!!!
so i needed this time for maybe like 15-20 minutes. much better this time but im still somewhat dissappointed and i think next time i make it im gonna do the traditional boiling method. i baked it the last two times because i used this recipe. we bought this hugfe bag of frozen stir fry veggies quite some time ago so i used that for the veggies and i made some plain white rice to go with it.

later that night i used the left over rice to make some delisshhhhhhh rice pudding. yum yum yum sorry no photo, lol.
i just took the rice added some milk and sugar and heated it up until it thickened. then i added cinnamon vanilla and nutmeg. i think that was pretty much it. i made it so i could have it for bfast the next day...but i almost ate it all that night. ha

also using the left over seitan and veggies i just threw that in a pita for leftover dinner last night.

and the last food post was my huge breakfast lunch meal i had today. kept me really full.
i got some tj's meatballs[vegan ofcourse] heated them up with some spinich[pi just love that stuff :)] and i used the last of "nacho cheese" sauce ive had in my fridge all week (i was craving nachos earlier in the week...didnt really fit the bill. sorry most of the vegan cheese sauces ive tried really dont taste like cheese but i proceded using in bean burritos etc throughout the week) sorry totally did like a bunny trail thing there but anyways i just slapped the rest of that on the meatballs and spinich and stuffed it in a whole wheat pita. it was realllyyy good!!!
for the fries i mixed up about a tablespoon of veganaise, some lemon juice and dried herbs [oregano, basil, rosemary, & some garlic salt] i poured that over some frozed tj's crinkle cut potatoes and put them in the toaster oven.

served with some apples.
and thats all i guess.
im gonna make another post soon about some other stuff ive been thinking about lately...

ps. dont you love how most of these photos were taken in daylight?!?!
yay me!!
it sorta has to do with the fact that ive been trying to not eat for a while before i go to bed and wanting to get to sleep earlier

Thursday, May 21, 2009

something cool

subway is very informative!
i thought i wasnt gonna be able to eat it!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

num nums

today i woke up ridiculously late. ridiculously late.
but when i did wake uyp i decided to have a smoothie :) yay.
so i threw some carrots, fresh strawberries, frozen blueberries, frozen mangos, one banana, some flax and a bit of soymilk in the blender.
i also decided to have some naturespath acai apple granola in soymilk just cause its tasty.
because we had driven around and saw coldstones[i miss] earlier today and last night i kept reading rave reviews about scoops in LA, and i can have neither at the moment, i opted for a wannabe banana split sundae before i headed off to church. on my vanilla soy delicous i had a banana, some chocolate chips, and about a teaspoon of TJ's organic strawberry jam. yum :)
at church tonight i was telling my youth group that next weekend i was going down to LA to have a birthday BBQ with my brother and his GF. they thought it was funny that i was going down there for BBQ since the city i live in is famous for BBQ. then i said that we are all vegetarians so it didnt really matter. they thought that was pretty funnny. haha i then told they technically I myself was vegan. they were surprised and actually seemed somewhat impressed. lol
pretty nice to have that off my back cause i kinda dread telling people that....

when my mom picked me and my lil bro up from church, she just laughed. [she pretty much never cooks] so i asked if we could have panera since i found out there were a few vegan items on the menu. i ended up having the black bean soup w the french bread. wish the whole wheat was completely vegan cause that would be much healthier! also the black bean soup was pretty good, but it seems so easy, i could just make it at home for probably a few bucks cheaper.

anways see ya!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


time for a major update.
well lets see heres a lame photo of something i made back on the second of may[wowww] to use up leftovers[first photo]
basically ive had a few jumbo pasta shells in my pantry for FOREVERRR that i hadnt had a use for them. then i also had some fresh spinich that was gonna go bad that i wanted to use. i also had some leftover cheezy sauce after making veganyumyum's mac and cheeze a few days before[which was quite tasty!] i also had some eggplant that my mom had bought. i used it the night before for some ratatouille but since i had only made it for me i didnt use the whole thing. i ended up cooking the eggplant and spinich then adding that to the cheezy sauce. i stuffed the shells with that and then topped with some marinara sauce. it was soooo good. im definetely thinking i could change that up slightly and make it not just to use up leftovers in the future!

so this past few weeks i havent really cooked much. the week befor elast i was sick for a day or two. i made some yummy yummy miso soup though packed with veggies.
earlier this week i made fatfreevegan's easy spinich mushroom lasagna[which was great] other than that ive been eating alot of leftovers and what not.

tonight i wanted some tofu while it was still fresh[i had opened it up and used half of it for the lasagna]
so i put some seseame oil in a pan with onions, garlic, mushrooms[leftover from the lasagna] carrots, and edamame. i also had some aspagus. i pan fried some tofu that i had marinated in some chinese chicken salad dressing too. thers a picture for that as well.[second photo]

in other news.....
ive been trying to green up a bit. i bought some toms natural toothpaste at my last visit to target instead of colgate. i also bought ecotools makeup brushes because mine were falling apart. these ecotools ones are "earth friendly" and theyre much cheaper and softer and durable than the ones i was using. [sorry bareminerals]
i know theres a ton of things i need to change but its a start!
i really want to see if i can make some homemade soap or something of the matter as well!
which also reminds me ive been realllyyy wanting to start an herb garden! hopefully soon!
ill update on that. :)

one more thing!
i want to start eating raw from anywhere like once a week, to once a month!