Thursday, May 28, 2009

some cool stuff

1. my mom has "fasted" coffee for almost 4 days now. im really proud of her.
but the main reason im happy is cause she bought like 4 different chai teas on the weekend. haha.....chai is my favy :)

2. i got a baking cookbook!!!!!
ive been surviving off recipes from the web, mostly all yall other bloggers but my brother and his gf bought me The Joy Of Vegan Baking! so i mean i cant live off baked goods[haha] but its nice to have a whole book full of legit recipes and cool facts about veganism and baking in general! now my top cookbook i really want right now is probably veganomicon.

ive been somewhat eager to try out happyherbivores Veggie Biscuit Pot Pie recipe for a while now and tonight i did.
the gravy/sauce was pretty bland so i just proceded to throw in tons of seasonings like nutritional yeast, garlic salt, seasoning salt, and i accidently threw in too much cumin and cayenne[my family are wussies...haha jk my original intention was not to make it spicy at all i just wanted something] but i still thought it was good.
my mom really cant handle too spicy so really didnt really eat it. and my brother didnt even TRY it!! i hate that so much >:( i was begging him the whole night but i think that actually amuses him. argg.
but they liked the biscuits. happy herbivore says she uses vegan dads recipe, but saince i have my new cookkbookkkkkk, i used that one but subbed about one cup of flour[it called for 1 2/3] with whole wheat. so now ive got leftovers.
well see what i do with that tomorrow. i wanted to make my own veggie pattys but that will have to wait i guess till i get rid of leftovers. anyways that photo above is it. oh and i added some flax to mine in case you were wondering what that brown stuff floatin around was.

ok now have a nice night!
tomorrow is friday! yay!

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