Wednesday, June 24, 2009


i have a ridiculous amount of tabs open right now and im just praying the windows not gonna close on me.
..yeah thats how i do.

so member when i said i was off to bake something yummy?
i did. i made two little loaves of lemon poppyseed bread from "wednesday food blogging". it was sooo scrumdiddlyumtious. i wrapped one up from my cool gma as a thankyou gift. the original plan was to take it to her house but somehow my mom ending up bringing her to me and her friend. so i took out the very little bit we had left of the other loaf[it was mini and delicious and we gobbled it up in no time] and i gave some to my gma's friend to try. she seemed to like it alot. then i told her it was vegan...hehehe ive actually been pretty lucky with this whole vegan thing. almost everyone i know has been pretty helpful [even though every now and then my mom tries to get me to break it over something small and therefore "unimportant" haha]. anyways so my gmas friend obviously really liked it so next time i saw my gma she told me they wanted to buy some! lol
so that got me really thinking. i kinda want to start selling some baked goods locally. so now ive been dreaming up cookies and loaf breads and flavor combos like no other. its all so exciting!! all i want to do is bake. what im not looking forward to is figuring out prices. i have to calculate how much i wanna charge while making sure i break even with some profit at a resonable price. :( boriinggg. lol

oh so anyways while searching for cookie ideas i went to martha stewart's site and saw this:
that martha. shes crazy but you gotta hand it to her for stuff like that.
im not really planning on doing that soon but i think its pretty neato.

so question time!!
whats your very favorite dessert?

ps i know its cool to have photos in posts, haha, but im on my moms notebook so i nothing


  1. Omg I am the TAB QUEEN!! Eric makes fun of me because I always have 6000 billion tabs open! A great tip- Download the NEW IE explorer..I think version 8...It lets you restore the last session if it closes! :)