Sunday, June 7, 2009

name change

yeah, thought the other one was lammee
also this gives me reason to talk about other stuff than food.
i really suck at blogging.
im more of a lurker i suppose.

i really wanna lose a few pounds and get more toned.
so im gonna try to document what i eat more and exercise everyday.

so today i woke up very late so i guess i ate less than normal, but this is what i had:
i took some of this juice, then added to it some blueberries, a frozen banana, a good amount of redleaf lettuce, and some strawberries.
as a snack i had some tj's flax tortilla chips[or w/e] and salsa
3 dates
for dinner i had a wrap. i was feeling uncreative and i didnt know what to do. i finished up the lettuce, celery, bell pepper and hummus plus 1/2 avocado. i added some mustard and s&p on a TJ whole wheat wrap. it was ok, not as good as yesterday, which had tomato, and no avocado and no lettuce[but i think i put collard greens in]. wierd how those differences changed it for me.
i did about 3 miles off and on running/walking because my foot hurt!!! im not sure, but im afraid i dont have correct form. i dont think i land evenly on my feet.
anyways the very last thing i had was a small[!!] peice of this tart i made:
i made it because we had alot of strawberries that were going bad really fast. i mean super fast. we bought them at costco but they were already kinda icky there but they were only 2.50!!! for alot. it sucks that strawberries have to be part of the dirty dozen though because they are sooo expensive for organic. :(

ok thats it for now

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